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Design is not about “which UI is better?”, it’s about solving user’s problems.

About me

I grown up in Agropoli, a small city in the south of Italy. After graduating high school I moved to Milan to study Graphic Design and Art Direction at NABA, where I earned my bachelor's degree.

My first work experience was in a small startup, creating UIs for native iOS and Android apps using a custom made builder.

3 years later, I joined a digital agency where I had the chance to work directly with clients, juggling super-tight deadlines and extremely busy days.

I then moved to the product environment, where I initially thought I wouldn’t last more than 1 year, and where I found my dream job instead. 5 years later I’m still in the Adevinta family (former eBay Classifieds Group) working on the product.

Since October 2021 I took on a new project as professor of Digital and Motion design courses at NABA’s UX postgraduate programmes. It’s good to be back where my career started, but on the other side of the desk :D

On a more personal side, I love watching movies and TV series, hanging out with friends for beer, discovering new memes and solving the rubik’s cube.

In pills
  • Nickname: Vins, Vinz, Vinx (you choose)
  • Attributes: Curious, Details oriented
  • Superpowers: Keyboard shortcuts
  • Thumbs up: Music, Sun, Cinema, White chocolate, Stupid jokes
  • Thumbs down: Dark chocolate, Cold weather, Misaligned objects, Long faces
  • Fun fact: My record with the Rubik's cube is 18 seconds.
Education and Work experience